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How dare you consider a soft pretzel.

Sometimes Twitter or Facebook aren’t the right places to share what I want to share. Also, I really should be creating more content for an Austin Graphic Design, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Illustration, Signage, Logo, Vinyl Sticker, For Hire Graphic Design Blogger …. you get the point. I take a lot of photos/make art that doesn’t need to be displayed on the home page but I still want to share it. That’s our generation. We share, even if you don’t care. Thus, Twitter continues to exist.

Previous blogs I have left unattended:

– A photoblog about my year living in lovely Barcelona

– that’s it. Maybe this one in the future, if it’s no good. ┬áCheck back during your coffee breaks or before you go to bed tomorrow night. Thanks!

By the way, there are 61 soft pretzels. He could totally be retweeted without content loss.

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