“NOT a fan of this winter tornado weather.”


An early-morning winter tornado-attack has placed in me a fear of all January thunderstorms. For the second time in a few years, we had summer-like weather in Central Texas followed by an icy cold front. This cold, frigid air sliding towards a hot and humid mix creates conditions that are ripe for tornadoes, hail, and powerful gusts of wind. Night tornadoes are the worst – to be shaken from dreams by glass shattering and the outside coming in is disturbing.

This year, there were no tornadoes reported when the storm came through, but it was too similar for comfort. 3am we’re jumping out of bed, thinking if we should wait it out in the second bedroom or in the guest bathroom. Luckily the only damage from the wind storm was a broken table umbrella, but it didn’t stop me from feeling like this the next morning:

today's weather  - danielle crespo illustration

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