California – a selection of photos

January 2012 trip to California – here are a few of my photos from San Francisco and Napa Valley.

SF Larkin by danielle crespoSunset at the top of the city

cliff house rainbow silhouette danielle crespoRainbow at the Cliff House, San Francisco.

cliff house giant camera danielle crespo

Giant camera at the Cliff House, San Francisco.

sf chinatown eye danielle crespo

Chinatown is watching you.

sf chinatown transamerican danielle crespoTransamerica pyramid is watching Chinatown.

sf mech museum 1 danielle crespo

Musee Mechanique – simple fun from the past

sf mech museum 2 danielle cresposf mech museum 3 danielle crespo

sf zoetrope tats danielle crespoFrancis Ford Coppola’s CafĂ© Zoetrope

clos du val light by danielle crespo

Clos du Val winery. The noise in this image is off the charts, but I love it anyway.

I could return to take photos of the city only through these overhead cables.

sf twighlight bw danielle crespo-fin-

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