Article: Bruno Correia, Formula E Safety Car Driver has THE dream job

April 3, Long Beach, CA: It’s Formula E race weekend, and only the second running of these electric car races in the USA. Names like Senna, Prost, and Trulli are in the temporary paddocks preparing for an open-wheel race on the classic Long Beach street circuit. There is talent here from IndyCar, Formula 1, World Endurance Championship – for a newly-invented race series, there are no true rookies behind the wheel. My media credentials allowed me to take my camera and audio recorder to places no spectators would have access to, from the temporary garages to skipping the line at the driver’s autograph session.

bmw i8 formula e

Bruno Correia, Safety Car driver

One of the most interesting people I ran in to was Bruno Correia, driver of the BMW i8 Safety Car. This is the car that acts as a pace car before and during the race when there is an incident on track. Not only is it one of the most important jobs in any race, but the car itself is a gorgeous piece of machinery. I was lucky enough to find Bruno when I went to take some photos of the i8 the day before the Formula E race.

An excerpt from the interview, which can be found at E-Racing Magazine:

And now a question for our young readers: How could someone become a BMW i8 safety car driver, as this is a dream job for a lot of little boys and girls? For me, too!

Bruno Correia: it’s a dream job for me as well! I have a racing background. I’ve raced around the world. My suggestion is that racing experience is important, because you have to keep your nerves in place, you have to make sure you don’t make a single mistake because our responsibility is much higher than any driver here in the paddock. We cannot make mistakes. We are representing the FIA. There’s a lot of responsibility in this job.

Read more on how to become a Safety Car driver at E-Racing Magazine.

Here’s a longer story on my meeting with Bruno at the Long Beach ePrix

BMW i8: Formula E Safety Car

BMW i8: Formula E Safety Car

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